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From time to time, I offer different classes.  Some common examples are:

Kombucha Keri's kombucha starter class ($20, you get a scoby, and I give you a list of things to bring.  I teach you how to batch your kombucha, what to look for, how to time your batch correctly in the various seasons, and some tips on keeping your scoby baby happy.).  It lasts about an hour.

Make-it, take-its.  This is a garden variety of different products you can make and take home with you.  They include:
- lip gloss
- lip balm
- water kefir
- face lotion
- eye makeup remover
- the hair oil trifecta treatment

These classes vary in price and are based on equipment price.  I usually offer a few things in a class so you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

Stay tuned for class announcements.  All classes must be pre-registered.
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