Get healthy, be happy.

Welcome to Daisy Farm!

Reconnect with nature and real food.  Our 13 happy laying hens are fed with organic feed and are out on pasture every day (unless we're buried under in a few feet of snow - then we let them get cozy under their warming lights in the coop) where they get to exhibit "the chicken-ness of the chicken" (Joel Salatin).  These girls are loved and we are thankful for their amusing personalities (Did you know chickens had personalities?  They totally do.).  When they're out to pasture, they can be found squalking happily to all who will listen, pecking the ground, scratching, finding worms, bugs, and fertilizing our lawn.  We have a mix of different breeds: 2 brown Amerucanas, 2 Barred Rocks, 3 Rhode Island Reds, 4 Isa Browns, 1 Black Shumen, and 1 White Leghorn (named Sweetie, she's my favorite).

When we have extra eggs, we sell them locally for $4/dozen.  If you're interested in being rotated onto that list, please contact us and we'll hook you up.

We also have a garden and feature in-season produce and herbs.  

Check back in for what we have going on in the garden in the spring and summer.

We offer tours and if you are in the mood for some farm work, you're always welcome to come help us clean out the coop, talk to the chickens, and weed the garden.

Thanks for stopping by!

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