Get healthy, be happy.

What does it look like to work with me on an individual basis?

I start off by taking your health history in a personal interview and finding our starting points.  It usually takes about an hour.  All of your information is kept confidential, and if you are uncomfortable answering any question, you just let me know and we'll skip it.  (So far, I've never had anyone skip anything - if that tells you anything about the questions, in case you were worried.  At any rate, I wanted to put that out there to you so you know it's available.)

We talk a little bit to see if we think we might be a good fit for each other.  I want to have a good connection with the people I work with.  I only choose to work with people who are motivated to change their lives, who are coachable, and willing to try new things.  It doesn't make any sense for either one of us to waste our time doing anything less.  I want to help you toward success, and these things are required to make progress.

If it seems that we are a good fit, I will start you on a six month program.  We talk about your health goals and I plan manageable steps at a pace that promotes success for you.  We meet twice a month on the same day of the week at the same time for about 50 minutes - it's a standing appointment so we both can protect that time for each other.  I check in with you and record your victories, I cheer for you when you meet your goals, I provide accountability, direction, and customize your next steps to get you closer to your goals.

When you are my client, you also are afforded the opportunity to access various resources I provide, including:

- a library of amazing books that I will loan out to you that are of specific interest to your situation
- invitations to make-it, take-it classes, as well as kombucha classes
- handouts, recipes, websites, and articles that are customized to you
- a cupboard makeover
- phone consultations in between face-to-face meetings for questions
- food samples for you to try

- a health food store tour

If you're not local to the metro-Detroit area, I offer Skype consultations and appointments.

At the end of your six month program, you have first priority for your time slot to sign up for another program if you choose to continue.

I'm interested!

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