Get healthy, be happy.
I am a certified integrative nutrition health coach.  My practice is called Energetic Wellness Coaching. 

I help people try to sort through the vast (and sometimes) conflicting information about what a healthy lifestyle really looks like and get them to their own health and lifestyle goals – from weight loss, fat loss, eating organically on a budget, getting off meds, getting better sleep, reducing and managing stress, to pushing them to grab the dreams that they’ve put on the shelf and make them happen!

I wrote this book to help people with the basics of what it means to develop a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their life.  It is no good for me to push you to drop 50 pounds in a month only to have you gain 60 back, ruin your metabolism, your self-esteem, and destroy your health.  I want you to connect to easily attainable ways that make up the many aspects of a truly healthy lifestyle. 

Check it out on Amazon and order your copy so you can get healthy and be happy today!

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